Benefits of Argan Oil for Skin and Hair by Veena hussain

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So you all have heard me talk about oils many times and Argan oil is one of those benefits of Argan Oil forSkin::

  1. Moisturizer: It is very hydrating and I promise you, will seal the moisture in your skin.
  2. Night Cream: Argan oil has anti-ageing properties. It contains Vitamins A and E that can help to reduce fine wrinkles keeping the area moisturised. Since it is a concentrated anti-oxidant, it will protect your skin’s elasticity too.
  3. Skin Toner: We all know that toner is step no.3 of our skin care routine hence it is very important. So here as an easy home made recipe of a skin toner:

– Just prepare a cup of green tea and let the bag st there for around 10 minutes. Makeup sure the tea has cooled down to room temperature, remove bag then add 3 to 4 drops of Argan oil and cover tightly in a bottle or jar. If you want to give it an extra oomph, add 1 or two drops of essential oil like lemon or tea tree. Make sure you apply this on clean face then moisturise after.

4. Lip Moisturiser OR Conditioner: Throw away all those fancy lip balms. No, just kidding! Well, do that if you want to because Argan oil is a game changer. Apply few drops on lips and sleep on it. It will not only moisturised lips but will heal cracked and dried lips too.

5. Leave-in Conditioner: Argan oil actually helps in dealing with dry and frizzy hair. Rub 3 to 4 drops of the oil on palms and comb your fingers on damp hair or after blow drying. it will give hair a natural shine.

We can all talk on and on regarding the benefits of this oil, but for now, let’s keep it short and easy.